Commercial gas safety interlock systems and proving devices.

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We have established sound working relationships with the country's leading manufacturer of commercial gas interlock system and gas proving systems. We work closely with our suppliers to maintain industry leading innovative standards and ensure our customers are at the forefront of industry requirements. We have experienced commercial gas safety interlock system engineers and provide commercial gas safety interlock systems in London and Greater London.Our commercial gas engineers and suppliers have a vast experience in the industry,  this has enabled the manufacture of user - friendly systems.

There are various options for your gas interlock system, each has their own unique criteria for your installation to prove before it determines whether your gas installation is safe for usage. What's more, they continually monitor the gas installation for changes, and if the installation becomes unsafe for any reason, the system will alert you to this for you to take action and avoid any unnecessary risks to equipment and staffWhether you're a restaurant owner, hotelier or commercial caterer, or you oversee the running of commercial gas boiler rooms and commercial plant rooms, CommGas Limited are here to make the process quick and simple. We offer great prices, exceptional systems and 24 hour after sales support, to ensure your installation is kept running with minimum fuss. 

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